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New resources at your fingertips every month

Whether you are teaching in a school, at home, or virtually, the Hands-On Kids Activities Club will help you get your evenings and weekends back.

You don't have to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and spending your money on every bundle that comes across your feed.

It's time to scale back, focus, and get into a steady, productive rhythm that's good for you and your students.


Each Month

Unit Studies

Every month you will receive a bundle of printables to help you explore a particular theme. We generally rotate between geography and science topics. Give your students the keys to the wonders of our world with a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities. HOKA is the best way for teachers to systematically start building their theme library without breaking the bank.

Bundle Value: $60+

Seasonal Resources

You will also receive a bundle of seasonal printables each month to help you explore seasons and holidays. Add fresh activities to your language, math, sensorial, and art shelves every month in a way that does not overwhelm you or your students! Yes, it can be done!

Bundle Value: $50+

Is it only me, or is everyone waiting with excitement every month..? I'm in the club since February 2020 and every month I still get excited the day before publication of new materials. And my kids are also waiting and asking what will be new tomorrow! -Fatma

Art Corner

Explore a new artist or art concept every month with the art appreciation pack! We will begin with a series of artist studies from Ashley Speed of Diamond Montessori which include a biography of the artist, matching cards of some of their most interesting works, and instructions for a hands-on project.

Value: $10

"I love introducing children to the artists and discussing what they see in the paintings and their interpretations I see. I get tired of the theme crafts in most schools. ⁠The BIG reason I bought into the program was the Artists corner. It is the one thing that sold me. Because I've found nowhere else that offers this." -Lauren

The HOKA Guide

The Guide provides suggestions for supplementary activities to help you round out the activities offered in the printables.

The Guide Includes:

🔹 Rhymes and finger plays

🔹 Suggestions for your fine motor, art skills, and cultural shelves

🔹 Simplified blank planning pages

🔹 A curated themed book list with a focus on diversity and inclusion

🔹 Supplementary materials shopping list

Value: $35

Make Learning Interesting and Engaging!

Join Our Community of Happy Educators

Upcoming Themes

September: Intro to Geography

October: Intro to Zoology

November: Invertebrates

December: The Human Body

January: Intro to Botany

February: Ecology
March: Geology
April: Nutrition
May: Weather
June: Space

July: Transportation

August: North America

The HOKA Difference

Members get 24/7 access to the members' area. Log in any time to download the resources you need.

New resources are unlocked each month.

Made by teachers for teachers (and parents are welcome too!)

Enough variations of activities and printables to give you some choice, but not so many that you get overwhelmed.

A range of graphic styles including real-life photos and clipart bring some variety to your materials.

HOKA in Action

Happt Learning Process with the HOKA Club by ibelieveinmontessori


Months of the Year

Your students will love these easy-to-use, fun monthly packets! Teach children about the origins of the months' names and their symbols. Give them the opportunity to observe how different artists depict months, help them to notice the smallest details in paintings and appreciate art. Teach them about what happens in nature each month. Decorate your classroom or homeschool.

Value: $50

Webinar: How to Rotate Your Materials

Learn how to organize and store your materials so rotating materials is as efficient as possible. Discover how to create a system of rotations that works, how to store and organize materials, when to swap activities and how to create a shelf-map.

Value: $35

Parent Planning Guide

Perfect for parents temporarily homeschooling and for teachers to send home to parents while virtual schooling... or any time! Includes a Montessori Practical Life Ebook, Nature Activities Guide, 15 Early Language Activities, Visual Schedule Cards and more.

Value: $45

Language Printables Library

Use this library of materials to implement progressively more difficult language activities. Start with rhyming, add phonics, and move onto antonyms! A pink series bundle is also included as part of this set. 

Value: $15

This loyalty bonus will be available in September.

Life Cycles Library

Use our best selling life cycle printables to create beautiful science activities that your students will love! You will get 30+ life cycles including bear, squirrel, blackberry, pear, squash, sunflower, rose, salmon, oak tree, and more! 

Value: $40

This loyalty bonus will be available in October.

HOKA Members


"The Hands-on Kids Activities Club is one of those rare surprises everyone hopes to find. This club offers great value for a small cost and includes printables, opportunities for training and connects you with others in the field who are experiencing the same issues that you are. All members share a great deal of information and you can find all of your planning resources, as well. Not only that, but the Club just keeps getting better! New resources each month, artist studies, continent materials, challenges, and training! This is one resource I wouldn’t do without!"



"I run a 16 child in-home Montessori school, and have four of my own children. I love creating materials for my classroom, however; there are not enough hours in the week to curate photos, create layouts, cut, laminate, cut again and assemble. HOKA provides a plethora of materials to choose from and I can pick the styles and themes that best suit my classroom. My membership has provided me with more time to teach, inspiration through community challenges, and bonus trainings."



"I run a preschool from home and I am very much fascinated by the Montessori teaching style. In order to follow Montessori I had to make sure I have the right material to teach the kids. I am so lucky and thankful to God that I was able to find that help in the “Hands-on Activities Club”. As a member of this club, I get so much information on materials and teaching methods which helps me in my day to day activities. I would recommend this club to everyone who wants to follow Montessori style of teaching."



"The Hands-on Kids Activities membership has been such a blessing for me. I love the fact that it makes it possible for me to follow a child’s interest... I know that I can find useful resources for different areas including language, math, art and other areas. This is such a gift for a busy mama or teacher. All I have to do is print and laminate... It also helps keep the classroom fresh with different materials for counting, sound games, vocabulary, reading etc.

I also love the bonus month packages. My children love learning about the months and we have also enjoyed the word study materials amongst other things.

The Facebook group is great because you can see what other users are doing and that might spark an idea.

Katherine and Yulia are also very helpful. They post the monthly packages promptly, respond to any questions and feedback promptly and gracefully and are always willing to make what users need.

This has truly been a gift for my new classroom.

Oh I forgot to mention that in every monthly pack or theme pack, there are finger play rhymes and/or songs and these have been great in helping me build my repertoire of songs/rhymes to sing with children.

I highly recommend this subscription for both teachers and parents looking for ideas and access to beautiful well made and thought out Montessori resources."



"I have been an AMS certified teacher since 2006. I currently teach a class of 16 children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6. I’m currently lacking a lot of extra time to make materials. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this resource!"


"I am so excited about this! I have been following and using the materials from both Yuliya and Katherine from the early days of my homeschool journey. I can have a life again. No more hours and days trying to cobble together material and have it frequently fall flat."


"I am a mother of two girls, my oldest just turned 3 and my youngest turns 2 in a couple of weeks. We plan to homeschool. I work in school-based pediatric Occupational Therapy, so these materials are a blessing both at home and at work. I can't wait to use them!"


"The Hands-On Kids Activities Club is a tremendous value for the money. The materials offered are well-organized into seasonal activities and other monthly topics that were chosen from members' preferences.

Both Katherine and Yuliya have created a supportive group who listen to the needs of their members. The quality of the materials and use of real images are especially appealing to me.

I particularly like the option of having easy access to all the materials on the website as I have not had to download them onto my computer, and they're all in one place! The bonus materials added each month are lovely- My classroom children love the monthly and seasonal close-up art cards which have honed their observational skills and appreciation for art. This club has saved me time and energy in scouring the internet for ideas!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does membership in the club work?

Our Monthly subscription plan opens twice a year. When you join you will log in to the members' area here on this site. Inside, you will find the first month's content along with your welcome bonuses. Every month that you remain a member, you will unlock a new month of content (thematic printables, seasonal printables, aritist stuy, HOKA guide and any loyalty bonuses). New content is released every 30 days.

Annual members get immediate access to 12 months of content.

All-Access members get immediate access to the full HOKA library which consists of 36 unit studies, 12 seasonal bundles, 36 artist studies, and exclusive bonuses. You will have free access to the members area for 3 years.

You will return to this site and log in to access all your content. You may download any printables you are interested in. Once they are saved on your hard drive, you may print and use at your convenience. Your credit card will automatically be charged every month or every year, depending on what plan you choose, until you cancel.

Many of our members have been with HOKA since its inception in August 2018. We look forward to welcoming you to the community!

Q: Do I get anything in the mail? 

No. These are all digital products. We do provide a suggested list of books and supplementary resources that may be useful to use with the monthly printables. 

Q: Is this a curriculum? 

The resources we provide can be used to supplement and enrich your curriculum. However, the Club is NOT a stand-alone curriculum and should NOT be used as a replacement for your base materials. We are not providing an album and we will not show you how to present the classic Montessori materials or show you how to teach progressive skill development.

Q: I can just go to Pinterest and TpT to download printables. Why should I join?

You could, but how many hours do you spend searching and searching for the materials your students need? How long does it take you to figure out how to turn printables into hands-on activities? How much time do you spend looking up which books you can add to your activities? Which manipulatives? 

Joining HOKA will help you take those hours back. Not only do we save you an enormous amount of time by putting together the printables, instructions, lists of ideas, and photos of hands-on activities, we offer you an opportunity to join a community where you can connect with us and other teachers and home-educators.

Q: I am a Montessori teacher. Is this right for me?

Between the four of us, we have more than 40 years of experience teaching using the Montessori method. While the printables are not exclusively created for Montessori classrooms, most can be easily adapted for use in a Montessori setting. 

Q: I am a homeschooling parent. Can I use these activities? 

Of course! You do not need to be a teacher at a school to use our printables. Yuliya uses these printables with her own children. 

Q: Do I have to download all the content right away?

All of the printables will be stored on the website. There is no need to download all of them at once or fill up your hard drive. Plus, they will be nicely organized by month. Having everything in one place for you is what we aim for. Note: You will have access to the members area and all your content as long as you maintain your paid membership. If you decide to cancel, please make sure you download all your resources before you do so.

Q: What age or grade level are these printables targeting? 

The resources are suitable for a range of skill levels for children aged of 3-6 years (preschool-first grade). Some resources can be used effectively in a lower elementary classroom. We do not recommend the use of these printables for children under the age of 3.

Q: Will there be breaks for the summer? 

We will give you access to new printables all year long. New content will be released every 30 days, including over the summer. If you do not teach over the summer, you can download and prepare the resources for the future

Q: If I choose the annual membership do I pay for 10 months or 12 months?

This is a program for the whole year, 12 months. Each year, new printables will be added to those that are already in the club. If you joined as an annual member in 2022 or later, you will gain immediate access to 12 months of content when you enroll.

Q: Can I switch from the Annual to the Monthly plan?

Due to the limitations of our membership platform, we will not be able to switch you from the annual to the monthly plan or vice versa.

Q: If I purchase now will I be locked in at this special price?

YES! Your price will not change as long as you maintain your paid subscription, even if we raise the price for new members in the future.

Q: Can the printables be purchased separately?

Many of the printables can be found in our respective online stores. However, purchased separately they cost over $120/month. New printables we create are always released to HOKA members first and it can take a few months to a year for these printables to appear in our stores.

Q: What if I want to stop my membership and don't need any more awesome printables? 

We get it! While we will be sad to see you go, you can cancel at any time! When you cancel, you will not be charged for any future months/years. Your access to the members area will end so please make sure to download your content before you cancel.

More questions?

Please contact [email protected]

The HOKA Team

Yuliya Fruman

Yuliya blogs at Welcome to Mommyhood, where she shares life as a mother, raising children in a Montessori inspired home, and teaching ESL. She writes about learning activities and printables for parents and teachers, tips and resources for setting up a Montessori home, and life from a wheelchair.


Katherine Kabral

Katherine is a Montessori teacher from Ukraine. She creates different printable learning materials that can be used in the classroom and at home. She blogs at I Believe in Montessori where she shares her Montessori ideas and tries to inspire teachers and parents. 


Ashley Speed

Ash is an AMI-trained guide from Vancouver. She is passionate about creating diverse and inclusive learning environments, curating diverse libraries for schools and homes, and raising and teaching this next generation to know better and do better. 


Seemi Abdullah

Seemi holds a Master's degree in education, and an AMS Early Childhood credential. She has twenty years of experience in Montessori as a teacher, school administrator, and school owner. She is the founder of Trillium Montessori.

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Enrollment in our monthly plan opens twice a year,
in February and August.

If you'd like to be notified when the monthly plan opens again, please enter your name and email below.

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